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Annual General Meeting


Bestwestern Lakeside Inn and Convention Centre, Kenora, On
Saturday, October 13, 2012
TIME: 6:00 p.m.
NOTE: Approximately 43 guests and member were in attendance.


The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 p.m. after two very informative presentations. Cliff Pyykka, Manager of Kenora’s Shopper’s Home Health Care, started by commending the amazing staff at Kenora Shopper’s Home Health Care and the
excellent services that they provide. Cliff went on to describe the products on display and the benefits that these products have on our health.

Katherine Campbell, Director of the Dryden Area Family Health Team discussed “Healthy Living with a Disability.” Katherine shared helpful tips on how to prepare for appointments as well as went into great detail regarding people with disability and Primary Care.

1.0     MOTION:  “That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held October 1, 2011 be adopted as presented.”
          Moved:      Mark Wherrett
          Seconded: Lynne Mychalyshyn                                                   CARRIED

1.1       Business Arising:   None


          MOTION: “To accept all the Annual Reports for the 2011/2012 year as presented.”
          Moved:       Dawn St. Amand
          Seconded:  Loris Letain                                                              CARRIED

Kristan Miclash presided over the presentation of Annual Reports. The following reports were presented for adoption:

2.1        PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Arnie Schryvers

Arnie read his report to those in attendance. Highlighted were such items as:

• NILS is proud to be one of 47 local funded agencies or provincial organizations that provide Attendant Services across Ontario.

• A recent report prepared by Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network, to inform in the planning, policy and program development within the Ontario health system. “Home an Community Support Services for Persons with a Physical Disability in Ontario: Wait Lists and Wait Times Description”, was released September 2012 and identified 11 key findings.

• Thank you to all staff that work for NILS for their dedication, loyalty and commitment to provide and maintain high quality services to consumers.

• Thank you and congratulations to Brenda Dawid and Kirsten Wise for 5 years of services and Sarah Gervais for 15 years of service.

• A big Thank you to all of the Board Members for their support and Kristan Miclash for continuing to lobby on behalf of NILS.

2.2     TREASURER’S REPORT – Art Mior

Art read his report to those in attendance. Highlighted were such items as:

• $15,462 was received as stabilization funding in which a portion was used to meet our 1% pay equity; office and administration costs and emergency respite hours for consumers on our waiting list.

• $120,000 was received in annual funding for the Riverview Manor Assisted Living and $42,200 was received in one time funding to assist in purchasing capital items and new assessment/charting software.

• $12,500 was received from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to cover training costs associated with the new assessment/charting software.

• Approval of funds for $1,088,488 has been received from the NWLHIN for the 2011/12 fiscal year.

• Sincere thank you to our Executive Director Kristan Miclash and our Accounting Clerk Jennifer Hulagrocki and the rest of the staff for the excellent quality service provided. Also, a thank you to our auditor’s BDO Dunwoody for their services.

2.3     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Kristan Miclash

Kristan read her report to those in attendance. Highlighted were such items as:

• NILS has been committed to promoting independent living for persons with physical disabilities for the past 27 years. We are the only provider of Attendant Services for the Kenora Rainy River Districts.

• NILS’s implementation of a common assessment tool the interRAI CHA. We are one of 900 agencies in the Community Support Services sector in Ontario who provides services to older and disabled residents.

• We will continue our dialogue with the Ontario Government and North West LHIN

and attempt to secure much needed expansion and enhancement dollars to relieve the pressure of our growing attendant outreach waiting list and supportive housing waiting list.

• Congratulations to Brenda Dawid and Kirsten Wise on reaching 5 years of service and congratulations to Sarah Gervais on reaching 15 years of services with NILS. Thank you to all employees and the Board of Directors and Volunteers.

2.4     AUDITOR’S REPORT – Claudine Cordiero, BDO Dunwoody

Claudine read the Auditor’s Report. Highlighted were such items as:

• Schedule 1 – Attendant Care (pg. 13); everything is in line.

• Schedule 2 – Supportive Housing (pg.14); everything is in line, $21 deficit.

• Schedule 3 – S.T.E.P. Program (pg. 15); nothing to report.

• Schedule 4 – Purchased Services (pg. 16) $20,191 surplus.

• Schedule 5 – MOHLTC CCIM CSS CAP (pg.17); everything is in line, revenues match expenses.

• Statement of Operations (pg. 4); Revenue $1,194,813; Expenditures $1,174,643; difference of $20,170.

• Statement of Financial Position (pg. 3); Net assets will be carries into year 2012/13 of $55,784. “Clean report” for the 2011/12 year.

3.0      MOTION: “To appoint BDO Dunwoody as our Auditor for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.”
           MOVED:          Orpha Schryvers
           SECONDED:    Mark Wherrett                                                   CARRIED


• Thank you to all of our volunteers for your continued support.


•  5 Year Award;    Kirsten Wise (Fort Frances), Brenda Dawid (Kenora)   

• 15 Year Award;  Sarah Gervais (Fort Frances)


           Remaining Directors:

           Wayne Ficek            Member @ Large

           Lynne Mychalyshyn   Member @ Large

           Chester Draper         Dryden

           Art Mior                  Kenora

           Dale Bedard             Kenora

           Dawn St. Amand       Ignace

           Sybil Mowe              Fort Frances

           Mark Wherrett         Dryden

           Up for Re-election:

           Travis Pemmican         Kenora

            Loris Letain                 Member @ Large

           Arnie Schryvers           Kenora

           New Nominee:

           Allan Bedard               Fort Frances

 Kristan called three times for further nominations. Hearing none, the following motion was made:

5.1      MOTION: “To close nominations for our 2011/2012 Board elections.”
            MOVED:        Orpha Schryvers
           SECONDED:  Fred De Wind                                                       CARRIED



• Kristan announces that the AODA will be releasing new requirements in January 2013.

•  Kenora will be hosting 2 public meetings regarding the need for accessible cabs on Wednesday October 24, 2012. Session #1 will take place at the New Horizon’s Senior Centre from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Session #2 will take place at City Hall from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wayne offers to bring anything on behalf of anyone who is unable to attend the meeting.


7.0     MOTION: “To adjourn the meeting.” 7:55 p.m.
          MOVED: Fred De Wind                                                               CARRIED

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Member                                                       Member

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