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Strategic Plan 2013-2016
Northwestern Independent Living Services Inc.

Background Statement
The plan includes a revised mission and purpose statement and outlined goal/objectives of the organisation. The strategic plan is outlined for three years with regular evaluation points determined with each goal and future activities. Key elements emerged from the surveys, staff feedback and Board of Directors SWOT analysis which included the need to be consumer focused, communication, navigation at transition points and across the health care sector, engagement and collaboration, cost effectiveness and education.

Elements of the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan
The NILS strategic plan has elements that emerged from the strategic review:

Consumer Centred.
The focus is on increasing consumer satisfaction by providing comprehensive and quality care that supports seniors and physically disabled adults in their own home.

Increased communication across the organization both internally and externally with the funders, consumers and public.

Increased educational opportunities for staff and consumers with a focus on transitions in the health care system.

Engagement and Collaboration.
The organization will seek opportunities to engage partners and stakeholders with a focus on an integrated coordination of services.

Cost Effectiveness.
Maintain a cost effective service that is accessible to Kenora Rainy River seniors and adults living with a disability.

Mission Statement
To provide quality support services, which empower seniors and physically disabled adults, to live safely and independently in the community.

Purpose Statement
The Northwestern Independent Living Services Inc. (N.I.L.S.) is a non-profit organization which provides attendant services to seniors and all persons over the age of 16 with physical disabilities living in their communities throughout the Kenora and Rainy River Districts. N.I.L.S. works collaboratively with community agencies in developing and providing a complete range of services.

Strategic Goals
Strategic Goals Summary:
1. Increase educational opportunities for staff and consumers specific to needs identified by members of the organization by 2014.
2. Increase consumer satisfaction by 2015.
3. Increase the opportunities to engage community/ regional partners with a focus on coordination of services by 2016.
4. Maintain a cost effective consumer directed service that supports seniors and individuals living with physical disabilities.
5. Develop a communication strategy that promotes the NILS programs and services.


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